7mm Knee Sleeves size charts

Measure the circumference of your Knee joint with your leg straight in locked position, make sure to measure the centre of your knee cap.
Compare your knee joint measurement to the size chart. use the quad and calf as secondary measurement. All measurements are recommendations and may vary depending on the body type.
For a tight fit, especially suitable for powerlifting and squatting, we recommend sizing down. A regular-fitting knee sleeve should be snug.
3XS 28-31 11-12
2XS 31-33 12-14
XS 33-36 13-14
S 36-38 14-15
M 38-41 15-16
L 41-43 16-17
XL 43-45 17-18
2XL 45-48 18-19
3XL 48-51 19-20
4XL 51-53 20-21
5XL 53-56 21-22